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There is one God and one Word. Do not rely on some translator to make it clearer.

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It only takes the translating Spirit of God to help one understand His Word. All can understand the Bible. This lesson ws featured in The Bible View Contact us Doctrinal Statement. Also: Proverbs Over the years, I have met many learned men. They have Th. After listening to them, I soon realized that I have many young children in my junior church that know more of what the Bible means then they. They just tried to figure it out with their own intelligence, interpretations, and opinions, like so many others have tried. Regardless of how you approached- or didn't approach- the Bible before, you'll come away with a new appreciation of its depth and meaning.

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Kreeft also provides practical guidance for praying the scriptures every day, allowing the reader to delve into the messages of scripture in a manner that will surprise, delight, and reward. Peter Kreeft, Ph. His many bestselling books cover a vast array of topics in spirituality, theology, and philosophy.

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Browse All Occasions. Browse All Religious Education. Great spiritual movements have happened when ordinary believers rediscover the Bible for themselves. There must be a balance here: a work of the Spirit of God in the minds and hearts of the believers as they are illumined by the biblical text for themselves, but with appropriate assistance from more mature people, and from experts on the Bible who are archeologists, historians, linguistic experts, etc.

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So, assuming that we know we need to read the Bible for ourselves, and enjoy a lifelong process of discovery and enrichment, what outside resources are available to us to help us along the way? Study Bibles. One of the most common ways we can find reliable guidance and information is in the pages of a good study Bible. The notes are brief explanations of words, phrases, people, and events. A study Bible may have tens of thousands of notes in total, usually prepared by a variety of Bible experts.

There are dozens of different study Bibles in English.

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Bible Dictionaries or Encyclopedias. For much more information than is contained in the notes of a study Bible, use a Bible dictionary one or two volumes or a Bible encyclopedia multiple volumes, with much more detail. Any serious Scripture reader should acquire at least a one-volume Bible dictionary. A good dictionary contains thousands of brief articles, usually updated every few years, on people, places, doctrines, history, geography, archaeology, and more.

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In a Bible dictionary, you can look up the book of Acts , or John the apostle , or Jericho , or sanctification , or Messiah , or mustard seed , or Jordan River , or Pontius Pilate , etc. Bible dictionaries include maps, drawings, charts, and illustrations. They are amazing tools.