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If the coleoptile is shielded from red light, as with severe shading, the mesocotyl may continue elongation to the extent that is pushes the coleoptile base above the soil surface.

This causes the seedling to lodge and later perish due to poor crown development. The mesocotyl arises from the embryonic axis cotyledonary or scutellar node and terminates at the base of the coleoptile. Mesocotyl elongation depends upon energy reserves in the seed.

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Seedlings often fail with deep seed placement due to inability of the mesocotyl to raise the coleoptile to the soil surface. In this event the leaves may unfurl beneath the soil crust resulting in seedling death. With exposure to light, seedling leaves begin to supply energy through the process of photosynthesis.

At this point the seedling becomes independent of the seed for its food supply. The primary root, together with the closely associated seminal roots, constitute a root system capable of temporarily supplying water and inorganic nutrients to the seedling.

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These roots function until adventitious roots, arising from crown tissue, form the permanent root system. The more hairy adventitious roots permeate a large volume of soil and are more efficient than the primary, seminal root system. Seedling growth and development during germination is totally dependent on energy reserves stored in the seed.

Thus, with deep seed placement, the coleoptile may fail to break through the soil surface. In this event, the first true leaf, as yet contained in the coleoptile, will likely unfurl beneath the soil surface. Skip to search form Skip to main content. Cotyledon damage at the seedling stage affects growth and flowering potential in mature plants. Nevertheless, while many of the mechanisms governing seedling selection by herbivores are well established, the effects of tissue loss at the seedling stage on subsequent plant development are poorly understood.

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Cotyledon damage at the seedling stage affects growth and flowering potential in mature plants.

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