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Evacuate the building and do not re-enter as the concentration of gas may trigger an explosion, from even a small spark. If your meter is easy and safe to locate, to turn off your gas supply, first locate the gas emergency control valve, which you should find next to the meter. In newer houses, the gas meter and isolation valve are often outside in a meter box.

If not, try looking under the stairs, beneath the kitchen sink or in the garage.

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To turn off the gas supply, simply turn the handle a quarter turn so the lever is at 90 degrees to the upright gas pipe. Remember, if you smell gas, extinguish any sources of ignition and ventilate the building by opening doors and windows. If you are in immediate danger evacuate the building and then call the Gas Emergency Service on A gas leak can lead to fires and explosions and if gas is not burned completely it can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

How to Tell If There’s a Gas Leak Inside Your Home

According to Gas Safe Register GSR , in the past three years one in six homes inspected by the organisation had an unsafe gas appliance. If left unchecked, these appliances could have led to fires, explosions and poisoning. If you smell gas or start feeling ill when gas appliances are in use, it is important to act quickly to protect yourself and your family.

Gas is highly combustible. Correctly fitted and maintained gas appliances ensure that gas is burned in a safe and controlled way to heat our homes and to cook with.

If gas leaks from a faulty appliance or pipework it can spread quickly and there is a risk of it igniting, causing a fire or an explosion. Incorrectly fitted or poorly maintained gas appliances can produce a highly poisonous gas called carbon monoxide CO which can leak into your home. It can also cause serious long term health problems such as brain damage.

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For more information about CO poisoning, the symptoms, how to detect a leak and what to do if you suspect a leak, visit our carbon monoxide safety pages. To get you to the right person faster, please have your account number handy when you contact us. Sorry, live chat is currently unavailable. Live chat available. Chat now. View call charge information.

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What causes a gas leak?

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Massachusetts gas leak caused by valve that should have been disabled in reconstruction - CNN

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Plan ahead and avoid any unexpected costs or paying for someone else's energy Move home. New to npower If you're moving into a property we supply, set yourself up as a customer New to npower. Plan ahead and avoid any unexpected costs or paying for someone else's energy. Following Friday's leak, 45 additional valves were identified for inspection over the weekend, the statement reads.

The department has deployed so-called "sniffer trucks" to detect any additional leaks, and has characterized an investigation into the incident as ongoing. About people are took shelter at a nearby school, Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera said. At least one person was killed last September when a string of gas explosions hit Lawrence and two other towns north of Boston. Nearly 40 homes and business were affected by the explosions and fires, and at least 22 people were taken to hospitals.

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The "probable cause" of those blasts was inadequate management of a construction project by Columbia Gas, the National Safety Transportation Board announced last week. Also a factor was inadequate protection of a low-pressure natural gas distribution system, the agency concluded. As we've said since that tragic day, we take responsibility for what happened," the statement said.