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Belmonte returns and learns from Pedrillo that the pasha has fallen in love with Konstanze but will not force himself on her. Pedrillo will try to arrange a meeting between Konstanze and Belmonte and an escape by boat with Blonde. Konstanze returns from a pleasure trip with the pasha. He has been treating her with respect but she cannot forget Belmonte and keeps rejecting his advances.

Pedrillo introduces Belmonte to the pasha as a promising young architect and Selim welcomes him. Osmin tries to bar the way as Belmonte and Pedrillo enter the palace, but they force their way past him. In the palace garden, Blonde explains to Osmin how a European woman should be treated. Konstanze finds Blonde and laments her sad situation. Pedrillo sings a serenade as the signal for escape, but this wakes Osmin, who is not too hungover to realise what is going on.

The four are locked up.

“Othello in the Seraglio” Screening and Q&A

When brought before the pasha, Belmonte suggests he collect a ransom from his wealthy family. At the mention of this name, the pasha realises that Belmonte is the son of an old enemy, the man who exiled him from his own country. He decides to repay evil with good, freeing Konstanze and Belmonte, and even Blonde and Pedrillo. The grateful couples praise their benefactor as they prepare to set sail. See bio. Act One. Candide A mad, clever, witty, optimistic riff on the best of humankind.

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Dance TheGrange 'I would like to create an evening that places seminal pieces of our heritage repertory with newly created work'. The Barber of Seville Head and shoulders Konstanze reflects on her present sorrow at having been separated from Belmonte, realizing that she has never before experienced heartbreak. Pasha Selim arrives to convince Konstanze of his sincere and deep feelings for her. She responds that while she will always hold him in high regard, she will never love him.

Angered, he informs her that he could force her or submit her to all kinds of torture if she continues to refuse. She responds adamantly that he can do his worst; she will never break her vow.

The Seraglio - English Touring Opera

Pedrillo tells Blonde that Belmonte has arrived to set them free. After Pedrillo deals with Osmin, they will all escape at midnight. Blonde rushes off to tell Konstanze while Pedrillo stays behind to ponder how he will overcome Osmin. He settles on enticing him to drink a generous amount of wine, though this is firmly against Islamic law. Succumbing to temptation, and unaccustomed to alcohol, Osmin becomes inebriated and passes out. To signal that the ship is at the ready, Pedrillo sings a serenade.

The Pasha is awakened by the ruckus and the scene pivots to reveal his private apartments. Belmonte tells Pasha Selim that his father, Commandant Lostados, will pay any amount for their safe release. He asks Belmonte what fate he would have should he be kneeling before Lostados.

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Belmonte admits that his fate would be bleak. Selim, however, announces that responding to injustice with injustice, and to violence with more violence, is misguided. He instructs Belmonte to be a better man than his father, which would be reward enough to Selim for his clemency.


All rejoice, except Osmin. First Street. Please enter via Market Street entrance and take elevator to third floor.

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