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In fact, try imagining that your partner is going to be a little more unreasonable than you assume. Do you really want them altering your work?

Make (a lot of) prior agreements

Are you going to be able to represent yourself to the best of your abilities on a message-by-message basis, or do you need time to absorb feedback and prepare a response? Is travel more difficult for one person than another? Are you both genuinely able to dedicate the same amount of time? This is even more important if you plan to self-publish — are you going to split the editing and design costs, and to what degree?

Again, defining the spirit of your partnership will help future decisions, but so will making them ahead of time. Be sure that both partners always have access to their own past work — as a sensible way of backing up data, if nothing else.

Everything You Need To Know About Working With A Writing Partner

This is a sensitive area, and one that causes authors way more grief than it should. One of the big worries of authors working with a writing partner is that their partner could somehow swindle them out of all the work and go on to solo literary stardom. You automatically own what you create, so you already have a lot of protection just from this perfunctory step. The next step to take is to agree on some theoretical separation conditions and write those down, too, so you have evidence there was an agreement.

A friendlier way is to try, as far as possible, to let people take away the content they contributed. A final tip is to agree to share ideas but abandon terminology. Ideas, after all, are a lot harder to define, and this may give you peace of mind in the worst potential situations.

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If none of these solutions appeal, then there are a couple of things to keep in mind. This is the second thing to keep in mind — whichever order you choose, stick with it. Trading off from one book to the other is possible, but it also sloughs off readers who would have given your second project a second look because the authors seemed familiar. Where do you want to appear on shelves? Be aware, though, that the first author is likely to get a little more attention. More incompetent reviewers may only note the first name, and similar problems can arise with automated systems.

At the end of the day, working with a writing partner is usually a dream.

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Agree on hypotheticals, set some consistent standards, and you can immediately refer to your past selves in the event of any dispute. Have you written with a writing partner before? Let me know how it went, in the comments. Rob is an editor for Standout Books. He has yet to encounter a bookshop he can walk past, a habit which has become deadly now that you can buy the newest releases digitally at 1am.

Partnership Writing (9-10 yrs)

Thankfully, it also comes in handy for providing the best advice on writing your book. Read more about Rob here. You and Paige Duke as editors have certainly improved my stories. That said, some of the services editors offer can verge on what a writing partner would bring to the table, so I suppose the deciding factor is more state of mind than anything. Whatever the answer, it directs you to where the best partner can be found.

Local writing groups are a good bet, as are sites like Wattpad or other online forums. A great thought. Often, one of the best parts of having a writing partner is that they provide an entirely different approach. Your email address will not be published.

Everything You Need To Know About Working With A Writing Partner

Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. The same is true for young writers, too. With a bit of extra instruction and time, partners can learn to act as confidantes, sounding boards, and cheerleaders for each other, spurring each other on to do their best work.

How To Make The Best Partnership Agreement

Please join for tips on how to tap into this powerful structure in your classroom. She served as an adjunct instructor in the Literacy Specialist Program at Teachers College, and taught at several TCRWP institutes, including the Content Literacy Institute, where she helped participants bring strong literacy instruction into social studies classrooms. Dedicated to Teachers. Partnerships are usually the most successful when the teacher selects them.

It seems in line with the independence we try to instill in students in reading and writing workshop to let them choose their own partners. Consider levels. In writing, partnerships do not need to be ability based. Consider personality.

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Make sure that no student is in a partnership where her voice will not be heard. Consider longevity of partnerships. If a partnership really not working well, they can be changed mid-unit. If a partnership is very strong, they might stay together for the next unit, as well.