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Available to commit to weekly classes on a regular basis. Looking for Full time Secondary School Tutor.

Become A Full-Time Tutor

We are hiring full time secondary school tutor. We invite passionate and suitably-qualified Tutors who are…. English tutor. English tuition teacher at tuition centre. Familiar with primary school or secondary school syllabus. Full Time Tutor. Tuition Centre looking for Full-Time Tutor.

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Course planning and preparation course structure and…. All ages are welcome to apply. SG - 7 days ago - save job - more Teaching and guiding students on. Other levels and subject if suitable. Experience and training in Mathematics is preferred. The truth is that the income can be very good but given that the work is seasonal you should expect to be very busy at certain times of the year, as other times will be quiet. I used to tutor face to face and then opted to tutor online only using my own website www.

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As a professional tutor I enjoy being in control of my income although I work very hard. The principal benefit of online tutoring is that I have access to a global student base and can tutor from any geographic location that I choose. I posted this on another thread: 'As people have indicated - it depends. Important factors include: Your expectations of a 'living'. Where you live more rich clients in London. Your subject s. Your experience. I don't earn my living just from tutoring - I have a very high expectation of a living which I can feed quite well from just my teaching day job.

I also get pension, sick leave and paid holidays from it - quite a lot to give up isn't it? I am tutoring A Level Maths to supplement my day job and it pays for nice holidays etc. I could double my weekly commitment of 5 hours average to 10 tomorrow. I get a decent price without argument and could also probably increase it if I got greedier.

My clients know that and they don't give me any grief - idiot parents can be more stress than you can imagine as your relationship is more personal - unless you're careful. But I am an A Level examiner, I know the syllabus backwards and save tons of time for students and my experience makes the job easy for me. I couldn't possibly do this if I was learning my trade and I REALLY know assessment and the tricks of the trade - no matter how good you are at your subject, assessment is something separate and different that you have to learn.

Pro Tips for Full-time Tutors and After-School Moonlighters

Some subjects are wanted - Maths and Science for example but others like ICT and Computing which I used to teach are box office poison round here. I couldn't equal my day-job income from school tutoring very easily and with the fringe benefits are you sure you want to go that way? But it is nice to have on the side.

I just stumbled across this feed and found that I last wrote on it 3 years ago! I thought I'd write a follow up for anyone who stumbles across this By sticking to private tuition, my rates have grown dramatically.


How to become a professional tutor - interview with 3 full-time tutors - Impact Tutors Blog

I only take on 5 students at most as my tuition company has now grown from humble beginnings to over 2 million sales per year. Most of these were part timers. So yes - you can earn significant amounts tutoring. I'm just launching a private tutoring blog on my experiences, so please feel free to read and get in touch if you have any questions.

The biggest change in tutoring over the past three years has been the rise of online tuition. Now, it does not matter where you live, you can earn top rates. In the event that anyone stumbles across this wondering if it's worth going private. I have been a private tutor as my full-time job since January and I'd have to say that, yes, you can make a living out of it. Because I am "unqualified", I probably undercharge, but I am incredibly experienced, I have never paid for any kind of advertising, and have used websites such as First Tutors and Tutor Hunt to find students First Tutors did my nut in as they deactivate you if you don't reply within X amount of days, so I'm not on there.

If I listed where most of my students found me, it would be: recommendations first, then Yell free listing , then Facebook I have a "like" page and finally through Tutor Hunt. Cost of living is much lower where I live, however, so if it's higher where you are, adjust that accordingly. It's a lot less than you'd be earning, I suppose, on a full-time teaching contract. However, it's worth mentioning that I can lie in 3 days a week, I can enjoy being part of my local rounders team at this time of year even with exams upon us!

I find a lot of joy in my job and I have seen some of my students grow over the last 3years, and that's something I don't think I'd find in a different education role.

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  6. Once I got to college, I discovered a hustle which fit perfectly into my skills: being a professional test-prep tutor! Like any good nerd, I love being right about an obscure subject. When did William the Conqueror become king of England? What's the chemical formula of glucose?

    Being a full-time tutor

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Ask that crazy owl. Whatever subject people were taking, I could learn the material, teach it to them, and get paid good money for it. So after college, when I needed a job, I decided to go full-time into test-prep tutoring. First, I went to work for a test-prep company in Singapore. Singapore was awesome and had amazing food , but I didn't love the company. So then I figured: why not go into business on my own?

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    7. I had the core requirements of being an independent, professional tutor down already, namely:. I quit my job, left Singapore, and ended up back in Boston on my brother's couch. My life as a tutor now is pretty good. I have a system set up where I use advertising and web presence to get people to my website. People read my website, are impressed by my credentials and such, and send me an email. Then I talk to them, set up a time to meet, and we start tutoring.