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The origins of the Church in Rome are unknown but probably date to soon after the day of Pentecost, when Jews visiting from Rome heard Peter preach see Acts There seem to be at least three main reasons why Paul sent this epistle to the Romans:.

Romans 1:1 to 17

For years Paul had wanted to preach the gospel in Rome see Acts ; Romans ; He evidently had reason to suspect that such misunderstandings had reached the Church members in Rome, so he wrote to alleviate any concerns before he arrived. Not long before Paul wrote this epistle, Jewish Christians who had been expelled from Rome by the emperor Claudius see Acts began returning to Rome and to predominantly gentile Christian congregations.

This situation may have given rise to some of the tensions and problems between Jewish and gentile Christians.

Romans: Bible Study Commentary in simple English

He promoted Church unity by teaching how doctrines of the gospel apply to all Saints see Romans — ; —36 ; — Romans 1—3. Paul explains the doctrine of justification by faith in Jesus Christ.

By faithfully accepting the Atonement of Christ, all mankind may be justified forgiven and receive salvation. Romans 4—8. Paul cites the example of Abraham to illustrate the doctrine of justification by faith.

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But after His resurrection they were sent into all the world to tell the Good News to everyone Mark , Matthew So every word spoken by Jesus before His resurrection was spoken before the New Covenant existed. For example, in Matthew the rich young ruler asked Jesus what to do so he could have eternal life. Does the things He said to His body, the church, after He redeemed us with His blood, take precedence over the words He spoke under His Old Covenant ministry on earth, because they recognize the reality of the New Covenant?

Continue Reading. Juli Camarin July 28, Media. How do we come back after we've hit the wall in our spiritual journey? How do we let our hearts engage with God after grief, pain, complacency, hardness, and bitterness, wreak havoc in our lives? In this teaching Juli talks about the epic battle that rages for our hearts, while sharing ways she softens her heart to engage with God again.

Firm Foundations Romans: Study Guide (Print)

Don't miss this teaching! This book a letter is the foundation of the entire Christian faith and has changed the hearts of many as they read and understand the wonderful truths nestled inside. Get an in-depth verse by verse explanation of this book Read More. Colossians is short book, written by the Apostle Paul to the Church in Colosse. Paul writes about the mystery of God hidden for ages but now revealed to the Church.

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